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Products and Services

We utilize a mixture of selected quality hardwoods to produce new pallets and to repair used pallets.
Our late-model manufacturing equipment allows us to work with precise tolerances, providing our customers with the same high quality pallets on each order.
We offer the following features and services:
  • Standard and custom pallets
  • New and reconditioned pallets
  • Stringer pallets (2-way or 4-way)
  • Block pallets
  • Hardwood cutstock (#1 or #2)
  • Chamfering
  • Stenciling and/or color coding
  • Fumigation (on site)
  • Heat treatment (on-site)
  • Wood chips and sawdust
    We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers to meet your delivery needs. This fleet is augmented by our association with dependable common carriers for longer hauls. We can provide the quality, consistency and delivery that you require.

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